Monday, July 13, 2009

Callenwolde Ring Making Class in Atlanta

Where do I start and what do I say, but, WOW!! Our instructor, Aalia Mujtaba, was amazing! Honestly, amazing doesn't capture it perfectly, but that is all I got right now. My friend Melani and I took a ring making class at Callenwolde Fine Art Center in Atanta. We were supposed to learn metal piercing, texturing, soldering and finishing a one of a kind, designed by me, ring! Boy did we learn that and so much MORE....Aalia took the time to show Melanie and I different techniques, more involved, then was was in the description for the class. I went to this class hoping we would have time to learn other stuff and it was perfect. Aalia is a great instructor, patient, ask all the right questions so she understands what you want...and that isn't a easy task with me...I'm horrible at explaining myself.

We had an awesome classmate, Helen Lester, who is in tv production (free lance if anyone is interested, just ask for her info). She was not a notive to making jewelry, she was so very helpful in answering questions too. She also has great taste in jewelry. She would wear different pieces each was neat to see other jewelry artists work! Really has modivated me to get out into my shop and create!
First photo: Helen Lester
Second photo: Melani Young (left) & Instructor Aalia Mujtaba
Third photo: Completed Ring
Fourth Photo: First day; shank texturized; base is texturized, pierced, jointed with sweat solder

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