Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Even my friends want to do it!

I have been having so much fun cause my friends have been coming over to enamel!

Dana wanted to melt seed beads, so we gave it a shot..boy are they hard to melt! So we tried to enamel and melt at the same time..i think we should have melted the seed beads first..so i gave it a shot..still hard to melt, then i enameled over it..i will post pictures soon.

Erica came over and made a pendant and mini disc for her ear. They both turned out great! She took them home and i forgot to take a picture..but i keep hounding her about it..so i will add one soon.

My kiln died..so i am awaiting for a replacement element...keep your fingers crossed that it will work..it looks the same so i am hoping it will be!! I miss my kiln..it was so old (the box was dated 1958) and since i got it used..you just never know how much it was or was not used...i should be here tomorrow!

I also purchased vintage leaded enamels off ebay...the ones i got with my kiln have such nice color than the non-leaded..so i will be breaking those out soon to show! i'm very excited to see what colors i got!